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Trading Psychology

A Trader’s Guide to Stress and Coping

A trader of the Australian currency market is long versus the dollar, expecting that economic weakness in the U.S. will hold down American interest rates and reward the holding of higher yielding currencies.  Suddenly the U.S. government reports a much higher than anticipated inflation number. 


Trade Management: How the Money is Made (or lost)

Regardless of how good of a market overview you do prior to trading; (market overview is how you select the market you are going to trade,and how you determine which direction you are going to trade t from) no matter how pristine of a trade set-up you identify, and no matter how timely your trade trigger, odds are you are going to lose money on the trade, because you are going to mis-manage it.


Your Trading Plan!

Before you can begin to trade in a demo or live account it is important that you spell out your trading plan. Please don’t start with bad habits and try to “wing it” – you will only frustrate yourself and eventually blow out your account.


The Fine Line of Success

I spent some time earlier this week in Southern California w/ a very successful trader and good friend who told me a great story about a time still fresh in his memory when his success or failure hung inthe balance.


The On-Time Trader

Traders Journal - On time tradersHow you perceive and utilize time can make the difference between whether you are successful or not in following your trading rules.